Steering Committee Elections 2017

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This month we’ll be re-electing the members of our Steering Committee, which organises our meetings and activities between meetings, and is accountable to our regular monthly meetings.

We want to encourage newer members, particularly women, black people, asian people and those from other ethnic minorities, disabled people, LGBT+ people and people from a working class background to stand for positions. In particular, if you don’t currently hold an elected position within the Labour Party, this would be a great opportunity to learn what it’s like to sit on a committee in a much unpressurised and supportive environment.

The positions to be elected are as follows:

  • Secretary – responsible for taking minutes in meetings and other admin tasks. The main coordinating role for the Steering Committee.
  • Chair – Responsible for chairing meetings and drawing up the agenda for meetings (in collaboration with other officers and members).
  • Treasurer – responsible for managing our, relatively modest and easy, finances and ensuring our regular meeting room is paid for.
  • Constituency Labour Party coordinators x 3 – One for each of the three CLPs: Putney, Tooting and Battersea. Responsible for liaising with the CLPs, and feeding information in both directions about upcoming campaigns, etc.
  • Trade Union Officer – Responsible for liaising with local unions, and the Trades Council (should be a union member).
  • Social Media & Website Officer – Responsible for overseeing the running of Social Media, and working with activists to create and publish content and updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and updating our WordPress site.

If you don’t feel 100% confident taking on any role other officers/members would be happy to offer support, all roles can also be done as a job-share to share work and experience. If you have any queries in advance about the roles, running for election or anything else then please get in touch via Facebook or

Only members of Momentum can stand for election, if you’re not already a member you can join here:


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